What is a BDSM checklist?

BDSM is an acronym for: Bondage/Discipline, Domination/Submission, Sadism/Masochism.
A BDSM checklist is a non-exhaustive list of practices enjoyed or declined by a kinkster. This list is to be shared with his partner(s) for safety and pleasure.
A BDSM checklist helps to strengthen communication and lead to a more complete understanding of one's partner's desires, but it should not be a substitute for oral communication.

How to make a BDSM checklist?

Once you have registered, you can complete your checklist.
The kinkomatic.com checklist contains nearly 300 questions but ask less because it is "intuitive".
Based on your answers, a very simple algorithm will guess and propose you new questions that are relevant for you.
For example, if you have given a good grade to "Bondage", you will be asked questions on related topics such as "handcuffs" or "shibari".

Once your checklist completed you will receive a link to share with your partners or on social networks (those for depraved adults only!!) to show the whole world what a shameful perverse being you really are.
Here are a few examples of a checklist:

What if I do not fit into the categories on gender, orientation or role?

You may not be the only one. Please send me an email and tell me which missing category you would have liked to find.

If you are switch as you can register multiple lists with the same email I recommend you to name them as follows: pseudonymDom and pseudonymSub

Will the whole world know I'm a creepy pervert?

Someone has to tell you... They already know! But I'm not the one to blame.

  • I will never sold, rent, share or give your email to anyone (except with a court order).

  • There are no files loaded from external servers here:
    No Google Analytics, Google Fonts, Facebook/Twitter nor any "like" or "follow" social bullshit. Nothing here will allow Big Data Spy companies to track you.

  • The only cookie that persists here is optional and clearly indicated. It's the "Remember Me" cookie.
    Other cookies are for security purposes and are automatically deleted when you close your browser.

Are there any rules here?

To use kinkomatic.com you must be an adult, and under no circumstances you must share a link to kinkomatic.com or a checklist that it hosts in a place that may be accessed either by:

  • Minors. Do not make links to kinkomatic.com in areas not restricted to adults! It would be ethically terrible.

  • Adults who may access this site without understanding that its content is dreadfully offensive.

It is not just an in-house policy at kinkomatic.com, it is legally prohibited.